Lauren and Arie's Doggy Birthday!

When I got the call from Lauren's manager McCall Ryan of Nikki Ryan Photography I was thrilled that I was given the opportunity to help plan Lauren and Arie's dogs birthdays and in only 2 weeks!   I absolutely love the pressure of planning huge events on such short time frame, to me its not pressure its my job!  With any wedding or event I always say if we don't have any issues during the planning process something is going to go wrong on the event day!  And luckily for us something big happened but being the event professional that I am, I worked my planner magic and found another idea!

With all the vendors lined up and ready to take part in this grand birthday party for Dallas and Bastian, we were ready to PAW-TY!

Venue: The Scott Resort & Spa
Planning + Design: Nicole Arend Weddings & Events
Photographer: Nikki Ryan Photography 
Balloons: Tremaine Rancheranch
Flowers: The Wildflower AZ
Photo Booth: Crazy Shotz Photo Booth
Popsicles: Frios Gourmet Pops - East Valley
Dog Activities: @pawfectpetsitter & AZ Sleepy Teepee
Caricature Artist: @phxcaricture
DJ: @tregothedj
Cookies: The Cookie Corner AZ
Sweets: Silver Rose Bakery & Crave Grounds
Linens: @eventrentsaz
Dog Treats: @dukespipcakery, @jackboydogbakery, @boscoandroxys @thedogbakery
Dog accessories: @thepawtyanimals

Wedding Planning Budget Planner!

Before you can even start to plan your wedding details, you need to know how much you really can spend!  Thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for this easy break down of a budget planner.

Its easy to print out and see exactly what items you will need to budget for!

And when you hire our Full Planning Services we allot the right amount to each section based on your ideas and style!   There is no guess work on how much you spend on the venue, photographer, food & alcohol!

Contact us today for your FREE wedding consultation where we will go over what your dream wedding style is and how we can save you money, time and stress!

IMG_5916 copy.jpg

Schnepf Farms Photo Shoot for Arizona's Finest Sites & Services

Last year I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the amazing team at Arizona's Finest Weddings Sites and Services for their latest issue of the magazine.  It's always fun to be able to create and design with new wedding professionals who I might not have worked with! 

When I first toured Schnepf Farms I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Meadow!  It reminded me of Northern Arizona and knew we had to do some pictures there! 


Since most of the pictures are used for the venue to showcase their venue we also chose to work with a few other spots to really capture our ideas!


My cover is being released to newsstands on February 6! 

Check out the amazing team of Wedding Professionals who came together to bring my vision to life!!

Venue: Schnepf Farms

Flroral Designer: Love in Bloom

Photographer: Steph Wahlig

Rentals: Y Knot  Party Rentals & Rustique Rentals

Paper Details: Nora Bella Designs

Dress & Suit:  La Bella Bridal & Mr. Formal

Hair & Makeup:  Babydoll Weddings

The Arend Team- Client Apprecaiton Party


For a years now my extremely hard working husband has been wanting to find a way to say Thank You to all of the many clients for supporting him during his many years of being in real estate.

I can say we are beyond grateful for the many referrals he receives every year which goes to show how much care he puts into his clients!

The party was a huge success and we would like to say Thank You to:

Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante for the delicious food and the ideal location to host the party!


C Lacey Design for the fun Arizona facts!


Aaron Howard for the wonderful music. Not pictured but go check him out!

If you are in need of any real estate please consider contacting Chad Arend! 

Kate Spade Inspired Shower

What I love most about being a wedding planner is spending time with my clients and really getting to know them.  And its even more fun when my brides become good friends!   When I was asked by Kristi's parents to help with the bridal shower I was very honored to do so.  

I knew Kristi had love for Kate Spade (and so do I) OK, what girl doesn't love bows, flowers, pink and of course Champagne?  

The decor and ideas came very easy to me.  I worked with Elizabeth from Frosted Art cakes on the cake which turned out beautiful!  The floral design on the cake was actually the same design from Kristi's wedding invitation liner. Its nice when can add a few of the wedding elements into the shower and see if any of the guests noticed!     

Chrissie with C Lacey Design helped with the invitation and the signs.  Aren't they beautiful?!

Straight to the Plate catering provided the brunch. Check out the donut tower!!   It was very tasty especially with the 3 dipping sauces!!   Kristi was not involved in the planning of the shower that much but she did have 2 special requests a photo booth and Sunny D for the mimosas!   I borrowed a backdrop from a friend which we turned into a selfie station!  We did have a photographer on site to capture those photo's as well!  All photo's are provided by Susan with Beautiful Edge Photography.    I provided the centerpieces which turned out perfect!  I found cute artificial moss tea cups on Beau Coup and purchased the flowers from a local wholesaler! 

And lastly the entertainment!  Kristi and her parents wanted the shower to be very casual and did not want to open gifts or play a lot of games.    I knew I had to find something creative for all of the guests have fun!!  

Years ago I came across Pam Fox with LipStory and have wanted to work with her but never had that right event!  When I told Kristi's parents about it they were excited! This was something none of their guests would have seen before and it could also be used as party favor! Which was a win win!!   Never heard of Lip Story, you are not alone. Pam is the only Lip Print Reader in Arizona.  I would say Lip Print reading is like palm reading but instead you place 3 lip prints on a piece of paper and she can read the prints based on the shape, lines and more.  Please go to her website lipstory to learn more and hire her for your next event.  All of your guest will be wow'd and leave the party with something to talk about!!

Thank you to the Marino's for having me help with the bridal shower and most importantly for Kristi and Ryan's wedding! It's truly an honor to get to know Kristi and your entire family!!  XOXO


Cool Off In Style- Arizona Event Industry networking

Back in June 2015, I was the planner for this years Cool Off In Style!  Cool Off In Style is in event industry networking event!  Ok, maybe just a little networking and more of an event!  

For the past 23 years Dave Forman with Pour Masters has put together his networking event called in Cool Off In Style and each year it has got bigger and better!  I was lucky and honored to have been chosen to be the 2015 planner!  

This year the venue was at the brand new Château Luxe in North Phoenix. And the theme was GLOW!  Everything had to glow in the dark! Which meant bringing in black lights and tables that lit up!!   This event is event planners dream!  It does not have a budget as all of the vendors donate to showcase to the event industry what they do best!!  

Take a look at the video and you will see how much fun I had planning and how much fun all of the guests had enjoying food, photo booths, aerial bartenders and so much more!! 

Best Wedding Over $50K

We are now an officially AWARD WINNING event planning company! Last week we won 1 ISES Arizona Zonie award for Best Wedding Over $50K and a finalist for Best Social Event over $50K.  Thank you to the International Special Events Society(ISES) for this huge honor! We have so many event professionals to thank!  Working on a huge 3 day wedding is not an easy task and doing it in 3 months is quite the challenge but we pulled it off flawlessly!  

Straight To The Plate Kitchen Grand Opening

I had the pleasure of coordinating Straight to the Plate's kitchen grand opening on February 5, 2014.  

Here is a little background about Straight to the Plate:  Sue Carlisle (owner) thought she had a typical sinus infection, she was diagnosed with Mucormycosis, which is an extremely rare and deadly infection. With the help of some amazing doctors they developed a new technique to treat the infected area and give Sue back the quality of life she once had. Even though she can’t taste her own food and has a metal palate she has gone on to serve over 2,000 guests which I am proud to say that I have enjoyed her delicious food on many occasions one being my recent baby shower. 

Click here to read the full article ABC News Wrote about Sue! 

Ok back to the Grand Opening! 

When I first saw the kitchen both Sue and I had the idea that she deserved something big! She deserved a Hollywood Movie Premiere Grand Opening! And that is what I created for her!  

With the help of Themers who designed the Step & Repeat, the red carpet, cocktail tables and my favorite the Glow Bar! I didn’t want the inside of the kitchen to look like the same boring kitchen’s you have seen before so with the help of Karma Event Lighting they providing all of the purple uplighting for inside the kitchen as well as the additional lighting that was needed outside to make this feel like a Hollywood premiere!  A party isn’t a party without an awesome DJ and Emcee! Of course the one and only Curtis Whipple was the man for the job!  Chrissie with C.Lacey Design designed all of the menus and signage for the opening. The very talented Maria Fossler with Photography by MF was the main photographer and did an excellent job capturing the Grand Opening!  Of course what’s a party without a bar?   Pour Masters was there to provide the guests with a full bar and Signature Drink just for the occasion! 

Let’s talk about the food!   Sue wanted to do something a little different. When she first started Straight to the Plate she would have her friends over to taste the food and provided them with Rate Cards and have them decide if the dish was worth keeping. Sue wanted to test out 4 new dishes at the grand opening and in my opinion they were all a Winner!  

She served something for everyone,  Raspberry Chicken, Mediterranean Quiche, Ceviche (Seafood) Station and Pana Cotta with a orange raspberry sauce. The Seafood Station was by far my favorite!  Sue provided us with her popular dishes: apricot meatballs, spinach & artichoke dip and much more!  

I am so honored to be able to work with very talented people in the event industry. Thank you to all of you that put in your hard work to help make this Grand Opening a successful event! 

If you are in need of a caterer for any event please contact Sue with Straight to the Plate, I promise you will not be disappointed!  


Baby Shower

I would like to give a huge thank you to following event professionals:  Memories Through Time Photography, Straight to the Plate Catering and Classic Party Rentals for making my baby shower memorable!  

10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 6: Choosing your Guests

Just like in ‘mistake 3’, friends will come and go, in some cases more people will weed themselves out of your life as the wedding gets closer. If you choose your guest list the day you get engaged, things can change very fast. Make a list at the beginning of your engagement of people that you and your groom want at your wedding, and three months before your wedding re-evaluate your list each month until the month before your wedding. 

Mistake 7: Spilling the Beans

Usually, as soon as you get engaged, you want to shout it to the world, and of course post it on every social networking site you have access to. However, sometimes this isn’t the best idea. Allowing people to know all the details of your wedding allows them to not only take ideas from your wedding, but also they won’t be as surprised or interested when it comes time for your actual wedding!

Mistake 8: Hair and Make Up

Whether you’re going simple or “gala event” with your make-up and hair for your wedding, we have seen these both take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the makeup and hair artist. Make sure that you allot the most time possible for makeup and hair so that everything will be ready to go and have time for touch-ups before pictures!

Mistake 9: Slow Down

With every wedding, we also see the guests standing at the cocktail hour, bored, or trying to talk with the bridal party and newlyweds. You have to make sure that you allow enough time blocked off for pictures so that you get every detail shot that you want and your guests aren’t kept waiting in cocktail hour forever.  

Mistake 10: Music

We know that a wedding can run your bank account very thin. So instead of cutting corners and having an awkward silence, plugging your iPhone into some small speakers, or hiring a half off DJ that won’t have interaction with your guests, you should hire a professional DJ. 

Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money and most of all enjoy planning this huge event!  

Happy Planning!


10 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid!

Mistake 1: Budget

If you have a certain amount of money saved for your big day outfit, this does not mean that you can spend exactly that amount on your dress. Always take into consideration that your look is not just the dress. You also have to pay for shipping, if you’re not buying it straight from a retailer, alterations, undergarments (very important), shoes, hair, any accessories you may need, make up, and depending on the theme of your wedding the list could go on! Make a list of all of the things your particular look may require, and divide your budget around these. 

Mistake 2: Flowers

We are all sure that your Pinterest board may have some really beautiful centerpieces and ideas for bouquets and floral arrangements. You might have a pin of sunflowers, but your wedding is booked for December. This may cause a problem. It is always helpful to speak with your florist (the expert) on what is in season during the date of your wedding and make sure to include a second favorite type of flower into your contract. It is always best to pick your flowers based on colors and shapes that will flow with your wedding.

Mistake 3: Save the Dates

As time moves on and we grow older, sometimes people we were once close with, fade into the darkness.  This is the reason for mistake number 3, don’t send out your save the dates too soon! People you may be friends with at the time of engagement, could possibly fade away as the actual wedding grows closer. Save those save the dates for people that are a sure thing, people like your families.

Mistake 4: Videographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the videos are just reliving the actual words all over again! A picture can’t capture the groom’s face when every body’s eyes are fixed on the bride as she is walking down the aisle, the tears a grandmother sheds as she’s watching the first dance or, the best man’s speech after he drank just a little too much.

Allowing others to take videos of your special day gives you the opportunity to share their experience at your wedding as well. There are many new apps for all smart phones that you just download the app and upload your guests own special videos of your big day.

Mistake 5: Micromanaging 

You are spending your hard earned money and precious time on your vendors, with the assumption that they are the expert, so let them do what they do best! Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life, so it’s understandable that you would want to oversee every detail to make sure everything runs smoothly, but don’t do that! Trust that you chose your vendors for a reason, they are professionals at making your vision come alive, and they don’t work in the wedding industry because it’s “just a job”, they do this because they love and care just as much as you. 

Check back on Monday for 5 more mistakes! 

Happy Planning!

Easy Avoidable Wedding Mistakes!

You’re getting married, ideas are flowing and you may think each idea you have is the best idea ever.  But wait… think through your ideas and what you’re planning so you don’t make these top wedding mistakes.  

Bad Dates- Carefully select your date. Getting married on a holiday weekend may seem like a brilliant idea but your guests may already have holiday plans, and flights are pricy. Do you and your guests a favor and don’t get married on a holiday weekend. Create a new holiday- your anniversary, not to be shared with any other annual holiday!

Confusing Invitations- Invitations should be so clearly written that there is no question as to who is invited. Specifically write out each name of the guest you’re inviting to avoid any confusion and awkward conversations later.  All of the details including dates, times and locations should also be clear. A wedding invitation with so many important details is not a time to use fancy font, abbreviations or confusing wording if you want guests to attend.  Guests should also be given 2 months to RSVP as it takes time to request time off work, line up child care and make travel arrangements.

Cocktail Hour- The time between the wedding ceremony and reception is also known as cocktail hour or cocktail reception. This time truly should be kept to one hour. Having a few hours in between the ceremony and reception could allow your guests to lose interest and leave.  During cocktail hour be sure to offer your guests drinks, food, something to do and comfy seats. Keep them excited to be at your wedding and not waiting long. 

Toast Etiquette- While many guest love to hear the toasts, the person giving the toast is often so nervous and just wants their part to be over. Those who should make a toast include your Best Man, Maid of Honor and Parents of the Bride (Parents of the Groom are optional). The person giving the toast should practice, stand with confidence and begin speaking once they have everyone’s attention.  Toasts should not be long, 1-2 minutes is perfect. Toasts longer than 2 minutes often leaves guests wondering when the toast will be over.

Ungracious Host- Yes, your plate is extremely full, you’re the center of attention and you’re being pulled in every different direction but you must make time to be a gracious host as well.   Your guests will be watching you, after all they came to your wedding to see you.  Be sure to take time to go to each table or individually thank each guests for coming and sharing in the festivities. 

While all the do’s and don’ts of planning your special day may seem overwhelming, relax and enjoy the planning process. All the planning will be over before you know it and you’ll soon be starting the next chapter of your amazing life together!

Contact us to find out how we can save you time and stress!  

Happy Planning!

Finding the Perfect Gown!

Now that you’re engaged you’re probably excited to start shopping for your gown. Before you rush off consider what your style is, where to go, who to take along, your budget and above all make sure you love your gown! 

Some brides find it helpful to collect wedding dress photos they like from magazines and take them along when shopping.  Having an idea of what you like will help the sales person, friends and family to understand your style.  When thinking about the dress silhouette be sure to keep an open mind until you try a few on. While you may think you only like the Fit and Flare style, at least try on an A Line, Ballroom and Empire. Different dress silhouettes are designed to flatter different body types as well as match the wedding formality. You may find you like a style you had not considered before and remember, dresses look totally different on the hanger so be sure to put it on.  

Bridal salons often prefer you have an appointment before planning to spend your afternoon trying on their sample gowns so plan to call ahead.  In addition to scheduling an appointment ask if they carry the designer you like or if they have the exact dress that you’ve been eyeing. You may find a small independently owned salon has the most unique gowns so never discount giving them a fair shot at your business. 

Who you take with you to the bridal salon has a huge impact on your shopping experience. While you want honest feedback you don’t want negativity. Keep in mind, your help should be helping select a gown based on what YOU like, not what they would pick for their gown. To keep your energy high be selective in who you take along. A small group, usually 2-4 people is the perfect size. A group larger than 4 could backfire leaving you feeling confused and defeated. This is your shopping experience and it should be all about you. 

If you’re a fan of the show “Say Yes to the Dress” you may recall hearing “never try on a dress you can’t afford". Before you hit up the salon have a clear and thought out budget. Know what your maximum amount to spend is and resist looking at anything over budget.  With all the excitement of finding the perfect gown brides don’t usually think about the extra costs that they will incur.  Almost all gowns will need some type of alteration and these can add up quickly. You may also be purchasing a veil, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes and undergarments to complete your look all of which should be included in your budget. 

Shopping for your perfect wedding gown is a memorable experience. You will know when you’ve found your gown by the feeling that may overcome you or the tears in your eyes that some brides are familiar with. Be sure to enjoy the experience and totally love the dress you decide on. You will look stunning!

If you are looking for a custom wedding gown please contact Mrs. Tinklers Evening wear at           or please contact me and I will put you in touch!  

We are also familar with many bridal stores in the valley and would love you find that perfect gown!

Happy Planning!

10 Wedding Planning Tips!

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. With so much research to be done before spending can even begin, and that constant reminder in your head that time is diminishing each day, don’t delay in asking for help.  Read the following tips and helpful hints wedding planners are using today. 

Venue Selection- When selecting your venue consider your personality and interests. A city girl may not want a rustic venue but a country girl may not be able to think of anywhere better than her parent’s farm to get married.  Think outside the box, could a museum, park or library be the perfect venue for you?  Out of the ordinary locations can be exciting, just remember to be practical- is there access to power and what if it rains? 

 Gown Perfection- If you have an eye for fashion and can’t wait to turn heads in a one of a kind gown, splurge and design your very own.  You’ve probably been dreaming of your wedding gown for years now so have fun with designing the perfect gown just for you.  We have some good connections with different designers or bridal stores! 

Calling All Friends- You may find your friends are asking what they can do to help. Without taking advantage of your friends of course… put them to work!   Pull out your to do list, invite the girls over and start checking things off.  You may find one friend has beautiful handwriting for the chalk board signs or another friend is amazing at centerpieces and someone else could even be a master at working the printer which you’ve been struggling with for weeks now. 

Hire a Coordinator- The Bride is too busy on her wedding day to be directing vendors, ensuring decorations are perfectly placed and greeting guests as they arrive. Eliminate hiring family and friends to help on the day of, don’t you want them their for you and to enjoy all of your hard work? Hiring a coordinator is well worth the price for the experience they bring and the responsibly they remove from the family. 

The First Look- The first look is definitely a special moment to capture.  Some brides decide to do a first look so they can enjoy 20-30 minutes with just each other.  Other reasons to do a first look range from getting to see the groom earlier in the day, getting family and bridal party photos out of the way and even being able to mingling with guests during cocktail hour. 

Involve Your Guests- Think of creative ways to give your guests the feel of being involved.  Possibly place a “tip jar” on a table where guests can write a tip for a happy marriage and place it in the jar. After the wedding you can read the tips and add them to a wedding scrapbook or even frame a few of your favorites. Let your guests know what you plan to do with their tips and you’ll receive some great ones.   

Kiss and Kiss Again- It’s your day so why not kiss often! Not only will your kissing show your affection and happiness for one another but it will also give your photographer a chance to get some great shots. 

Toast Your Guests- Without making your toast sound too much like a speech at the Emmy’s, thank your guests for traveling from near and far and for their help with the details.  Attending a wedding is an expense to your guests as well so be sure to show your heartfelt appreciation while you have everyone together. 

Special Entertainment- Kick the reception up a notch by having a special guest make an appearance or if the groom plays the drums have him sit in with the band for a few songs.  Why not show off your husband’s talent while entertaining your guests!

Late Night Food- While the older crowd may be gone after the cake cutting, the younger crowd will love you for a late night snack.  Keep the party going by offering comfort food such as nachos, sliders, pizza or cheese fries. Your guests will think this was the best idea ever. 

Please contact us to find out how we can help you plan your wedding or event!  

Happy Planning!

Tips for Selecting the Right Vendor

Selecting vendors for your wedding day can be an overwhelming task for many couples. If you’ve ever attended a Bridal Show or even done a basic internet search when looking for vendors, you’ve probably found a never ending list in every category.  Most vendors are eager to be a part of your day however it’s up to you to decide if the vendor has what it takes to help create your dream wedding. 

When considering which vendors to hire, keep in mind the vendors you select play a huge part in your wedding.   Once you’ve hired and provided your vendors with instructions, you will have to trust that your vendors will be on time, will be prepared and will ensure guests leave with a wonderful experience. 

Before you begin meeting with vendors, think about what’s important to you. Have a clear vision of what you want. Knowing what you want and relaying the message clearly is key when speaking with vendors. The following are a few tips on how to select the best vendors. 

Know your budget & where to spend- Some vendors are worth paying for, such as the perfect venue which provides the ambiance you desire or a coordinator who can help plan, manage vendors and ensure your vision is carried out. Keep in mind some wedding coordinators can also pass along discounted rates from vendors they use frequently. 

Prioritize your vendors- If you wait too long to start meeting with vendors you may find the vendor or venue you’ve decided on isn’t available.   You should first focus on vendors who are in high demand such as the venue, photographer, wedding coordinator, caterers or DJ/Band.  

Ask for referrals- Great vendors have great referrals and are thrilled to share what others are saying about them. A past client is always a great source for the inside scoop.

Arrange an interview- Once you’ve narrowed down your vendor list, arrange an interview. Be prepared to ask several questions and make sure the vendor clearly understands your vision. 

Be polite- Vendors are more willing to throw in little extras, work with your budget or make suggestions if they enjoy working with you. You want your vendors to be just as excited about your wedding as you are.

When you select your vendors wisely, you will be able to rest assured knowing your day is in great hands. Remember, some vendors are worth paying for as they’ll be priceless in ensuring your day is just the way you planned it. 

Happy Planning! 


Wrigley Mansion Bridal Show

We were asked to be apart of the 1st Wrigley Mansion Bridal Show this past weekend! This was not like any bridal show you have been to before!  First off, if you have never been to the Wrigley Mansion at the Biltmore then you need to go take a tour of Phoenix History. From the original floors and lighting to the breathtaking views of downtown Phoenix. The Wrigley Mansion is a must see when either visiting Phoenix or even if you are Phoenix native. 

The bridal show took over the entire home, from the living room right down to the restructured garage. I was lucky and was set up in one of the bedrooms which is now used for smaller dinner parties and the grooms room. 

The theme for the bridal show was 1920’s. This was perfect for me since while in college I studied the fashion of the 20’s at FIDM and have been in love with that era ever since. I visited the room once and quickly had a vision for what needed to be in the room. I knew that I couldn’t recreate today’s modern Great Gatsby with lots of bling and sparkle but it needed lots of gold and pearls!   The newest trend I have been seeing is doing a small pop of color and soft pink flowers are always a great compliment to any table arrangement. 

This was an awesome opportunity and I look forward to bringing your vision to life next! 

I would like to give a huge thank you to:

Classic Party Rentals, C Lacey Design, Lux Wedding Florist And Harley Bonham for the beautiful pictures. 

Please contact me to help with the design of your next event!  

Happy Planning!! 

Please welcome our newest Intern!

We are excited to welcome Lindsay Moore to the Nicole Arend Weddings & Events team. Lindsay will be assistiing us with weddings this fall!

Read a little about Lindsay:

Three months ago I planned the greatest event of my life that changed my name forever to Lindsay Moore.   I had dreamed of my special day ever since I was a little girl growing up in a small town in Indiana.  My mother worked in a bridal store which I would visit often and I would twirl around in the mirror dreaming of the day I would be the Bride. From being my mom’s little helper planning weddings and various events, to contributing my own ideas as I became older, I discovered my passion for weddings and events.  

This past April my dream became a reality as I said “I do” to my wonderful husband and planned my own special day.  It didn’t take long before I fell in love with a gorgeous Tuscan venue in Gilbert, Arizona- I knew it would be the perfect place to get married.   The architecture, flower gardens, enclosed courtyard and absolutely stunning ballroom all had me saying yes and signing a contract with no regrets.   

My favorite part of planning my wedding was bringing my vision to life and seeing the work I had done in action. As I planned each piece of my wedding, I constantly strived to create a “WOW” feel, one that left my guest totally impressed.  The most difficult part of my wedding was physically not being able to set things up and relying on others to carry out my vision. I knew the importance of having someone there that understood my vision and would make sure all was set up as I had planned.  For this I turned to my brothers girlfriend who knew how important all the little details were to me as well as the day of coordinator at Villa Siena who was there to help move things along. 

Although I would love to plan a wedding every year and remarry my husband, he says it’s too expensive. So now that I have some spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking, shopping, and cooking.  I also enjoy having a positive influence on others as I devote my time to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Most recently I’m super excited for my internship with Nicole Arend Weddings and Events. I’m eager to work with future Brides and help carry out the vision of each Brides dream wedding. 

Springs Preserve- Las Vegas, NV

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV is a beautiful location to have your non typical Vegas wedding.  The Springs Preserve has over 8 acres of gardens, wildlife habitats and education resources.  

At the Springs Preserve you options for an inside or outside ceremony and reception, when choosing the outdoor options since the preserve has many gardens you will be able to enjoy how green everything is. This is perfect venue for the couple who are committed to keeping their wedding day environmental friendly. 

On site catering is provided by Culinary Arts Catering and trust me their food is nothing like you have ever had at a wedding. The culinary team can and will customize a menu to fit in your tastes as well as your budget. For example, at the wedding I had the pleasure to plan the couple wanted BBQ style food which I typically think is perfect because cooking large amounts of it usually tastes better (I am sort of a foodie). The chef prepared Kentucky House Fried Chicken and this was the best Fried Chicken I have ever had! I even went back for seconds which I normally would never do due to time or wedding food not always being that great. 

The entire staff at the Springs Preserve was extremely helpful from Day 1 down to the last hour of the evening. 

I loved that they provided Chavari chairs for the reception and they had plenty of linen options.

I had the pleasure of locating a great floral designer in Las Vegas who had reasonably priced flowers but was extremely easy to work with. At last minute the bride wanted to add another table so Rosy of Rosy Flowers Design went back to her shop and put together another centerpiece just in time for the reception!  

Please check out the gallery Koryn and Chris to see more pictures of this beautiful wedding! 


Vendors included:

Nicole Arend Weddings & Events

Springs Preserve

Rosy Flowers Event

Chelsey Ann Photography

Las Vegas DJ's

Pastry Palace

Wedding Insurance

We all have insurance in some fashion either for your car, home, apartment and possibly even your engagement ring.   But many do not purchase insurance for their wedding either because they are unaware its available or think they do not need it. 

You have always dreamed about your perfect wedding but during the year planning things can go wrong that are out of your control.  What if the venue goes out of business and you lose your deposit or worse all of your money. What if your bridal shop closes, leaving you without a gown?

The average cost of a wedding is now at $26,000, wedding insurance is needed more than ever. After all you wouldn’t buy a new car that costs that much without insuring it. 

Wedding insurance can cover a variety of situations:

Wedding gown       Lost deposits

Lost rings     Bad Weather (hurricane) 

Transportation Shutdown   Ruined Photos

Call to Duty         Damaged Gifts

Sudden illness      Venue Requires Insurance

Liquor Liability     Additional Expenses

I would be happy to set up an appointment for you to discuss wedding insurance with a US Private Insurance representative. 

Happy Planning!