Weeding Favor Etiquette

Wedding Favor's are they necessary? 

I get asked by many brides if wedding favors are necessary and what the etiquette is. I go back and forth on this tradition. You don’t want to waste money on gifts your guests will just throw away or even leave them on the table. Giving wedding favors such as mints and bottle openers are an older tradition but todays couples are being more creative with their wedding favors. 

Favors do not need to be extravagant or expensive, it is really the thought that counts. When choosing a favor, be original and pick a favor that is meaningful to you and your family. Or if you have a theme, favors are a great way to compliment your theme. One of my favorite wedding favors was a jar of homemade jam. The mother of the bride made one for each guest with a note about the family tradition. That favor meant more to me than a personalized cookie that you may or may not even take home with you. 

Look at your budget, figure out what you can afford and then what you want to potentially present to your guests.  If your budget is small and you want to be creative try a candy buffet. If you have a budget that allows, photo booths are very popular and most allow you take those pictures home. 

If you are having difficulty thinking of something creative I would be happy to help find a wedding favor that fits in every budget.

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