Wedding Planner vs On Site Coordinator- Why You Need Both

I have talked with many brides who are stressed out when they find out their on site coordinator either quit or was let go from the venue and the bride is now in panic! Unfortunately, this happens more and more often during the summer months due to the slow season in Phoenix.  Most venues will bring on a new coordinator to get them trained for wedding season in October. 

On Site Coordinator:

The on site coordinator is there to manager the larger details of your wedding such as the venue itself, the food being served and sometimes will be there to facilitate your rehearsal. The on site coordinator is there to represent the property and is not always giving full attention to the bride and groom.  

Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner will be there every step of the way, making sure the bride and groom and wedding party are dressed and where they need to be on time. The wedding planner will make sure you are getting everything you paid for.  Wedding planners are there to make your day go as smooth and possible and to make sure every detail that you asked and paid for is there.

Venue coordinators are great at what they do and they know best about the venue since  that is their main priority. But Wedding Planners are loyal to you, the Bride!  We are their for you every step of the way. From vendor selection to invitation design to the other thousands of little details you might have forgot because your on site coordinator was not hired to be your wedding planner. 

See, both an on site coordinator and wedding planner are very important. A successful wedding relies on wedding professionals that work together to fulfill the wishes of the client and create a stress free environment for everyone.


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Happy Planning!