Do you regret not hiring a wedding planner?

Were you the bride that said “I can’t afford a Wedding Planner” or “I can do it myself”? I recently had the opportunity to speak with a bride that wishes she would have hired a wedding planner. 

In Kim’s own words: 

I didn’t think I needed a wedding planner because, I thought like any other bride, oh I can do all this by myself.  Set up tables, chairs and decorate the reception. Well I was really wrong I was stressed out and running around like a crazy person. I wish I would have at least considered a wedding planner.  I didn’t know that you could hire a one day coordinator that could come in a put everything together for you. If I would have known that then I would have hired a wedding planner in a heartbeat. It would have been nice to have someone come in and make everything perfect on my big day and not having to worry about a thing, also trying not to forget anything as well. Because you have so much on your plate already. If I could do my wedding over then yes I would have hired a wedding planner no question asked. I tell all my friends who are getting married that they should at least consider talking to a wedding planner. It would make everything less stressful  for me. -- Kim, R 

I understand that many brides want to plan their wedding on their own or say they cannot afford a wedding planner. Are you aware that many vendors offer wedding planners discounts?  Most of the time with my discounts I can save a bride and groom over $3000! Now why wouldn’t you even consider talking with a wedding planner! 

I offer different packages and can also customize my services to fit what you are looking for. I would love to set up a consultation to go over what I can offer and how to make your wedding day go smoothly! 

Happy Planning!