Pour Masters

Cool Off In Style- Arizona Event Industry networking

Back in June 2015, I was the planner for this years Cool Off In Style!  Cool Off In Style is in event industry networking event!  Ok, maybe just a little networking and more of an event!  

For the past 23 years Dave Forman with Pour Masters has put together his networking event called in Cool Off In Style and each year it has got bigger and better!  I was lucky and honored to have been chosen to be the 2015 planner!  

This year the venue was at the brand new Château Luxe in North Phoenix. And the theme was GLOW!  Everything had to glow in the dark! Which meant bringing in black lights and tables that lit up!!   This event is event planners dream!  It does not have a budget as all of the vendors donate to showcase to the event industry what they do best!!  

Take a look at the video and you will see how much fun I had planning and how much fun all of the guests had enjoying food, photo booths, aerial bartenders and so much more!! 

Straight To The Plate Kitchen Grand Opening

I had the pleasure of coordinating Straight to the Plate's kitchen grand opening on February 5, 2014.  

Here is a little background about Straight to the Plate:  Sue Carlisle (owner) thought she had a typical sinus infection, she was diagnosed with Mucormycosis, which is an extremely rare and deadly infection. With the help of some amazing doctors they developed a new technique to treat the infected area and give Sue back the quality of life she once had. Even though she can’t taste her own food and has a metal palate she has gone on to serve over 2,000 guests which I am proud to say that I have enjoyed her delicious food on many occasions one being my recent baby shower. 

Click here to read the full article ABC News Wrote about Sue! 

Ok back to the Grand Opening! 

When I first saw the kitchen both Sue and I had the idea that she deserved something big! She deserved a Hollywood Movie Premiere Grand Opening! And that is what I created for her!  

With the help of Themers who designed the Step & Repeat, the red carpet, cocktail tables and my favorite the Glow Bar! I didn’t want the inside of the kitchen to look like the same boring kitchen’s you have seen before so with the help of Karma Event Lighting they providing all of the purple uplighting for inside the kitchen as well as the additional lighting that was needed outside to make this feel like a Hollywood premiere!  A party isn’t a party without an awesome DJ and Emcee! Of course the one and only Curtis Whipple was the man for the job!  Chrissie with C.Lacey Design designed all of the menus and signage for the opening. The very talented Maria Fossler with Photography by MF was the main photographer and did an excellent job capturing the Grand Opening!  Of course what’s a party without a bar?   Pour Masters was there to provide the guests with a full bar and Signature Drink just for the occasion! 

Let’s talk about the food!   Sue wanted to do something a little different. When she first started Straight to the Plate she would have her friends over to taste the food and provided them with Rate Cards and have them decide if the dish was worth keeping. Sue wanted to test out 4 new dishes at the grand opening and in my opinion they were all a Winner!  

She served something for everyone,  Raspberry Chicken, Mediterranean Quiche, Ceviche (Seafood) Station and Pana Cotta with a orange raspberry sauce. The Seafood Station was by far my favorite!  Sue provided us with her popular dishes: apricot meatballs, spinach & artichoke dip and much more!  

I am so honored to be able to work with very talented people in the event industry. Thank you to all of you that put in your hard work to help make this Grand Opening a successful event! 

If you are in need of a caterer for any event please contact Sue with Straight to the Plate, I promise you will not be disappointed!