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Schnepf Farms Photo Shoot for Arizona's Finest Sites & Services

Last year I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the amazing team at Arizona's Finest Weddings Sites and Services for their latest issue of the magazine.  It's always fun to be able to create and design with new wedding professionals who I might not have worked with! 

When I first toured Schnepf Farms I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Meadow!  It reminded me of Northern Arizona and knew we had to do some pictures there! 


Since most of the pictures are used for the venue to showcase their venue we also chose to work with a few other spots to really capture our ideas!


My cover is being released to newsstands on February 6! 

Check out the amazing team of Wedding Professionals who came together to bring my vision to life!!

Venue: Schnepf Farms

Flroral Designer: Love in Bloom

Photographer: Steph Wahlig

Rentals: Y Knot  Party Rentals & Rustique Rentals

Paper Details: Nora Bella Designs

Dress & Suit:  La Bella Bridal & Mr. Formal

Hair & Makeup:  Babydoll Weddings

10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 6: Choosing your Guests

Just like in ‘mistake 3’, friends will come and go, in some cases more people will weed themselves out of your life as the wedding gets closer. If you choose your guest list the day you get engaged, things can change very fast. Make a list at the beginning of your engagement of people that you and your groom want at your wedding, and three months before your wedding re-evaluate your list each month until the month before your wedding. 

Mistake 7: Spilling the Beans

Usually, as soon as you get engaged, you want to shout it to the world, and of course post it on every social networking site you have access to. However, sometimes this isn’t the best idea. Allowing people to know all the details of your wedding allows them to not only take ideas from your wedding, but also they won’t be as surprised or interested when it comes time for your actual wedding!

Mistake 8: Hair and Make Up

Whether you’re going simple or “gala event” with your make-up and hair for your wedding, we have seen these both take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the makeup and hair artist. Make sure that you allot the most time possible for makeup and hair so that everything will be ready to go and have time for touch-ups before pictures!

Mistake 9: Slow Down

With every wedding, we also see the guests standing at the cocktail hour, bored, or trying to talk with the bridal party and newlyweds. You have to make sure that you allow enough time blocked off for pictures so that you get every detail shot that you want and your guests aren’t kept waiting in cocktail hour forever.  

Mistake 10: Music

We know that a wedding can run your bank account very thin. So instead of cutting corners and having an awkward silence, plugging your iPhone into some small speakers, or hiring a half off DJ that won’t have interaction with your guests, you should hire a professional DJ. 

Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money and most of all enjoy planning this huge event!  

Happy Planning!


Easy Avoidable Wedding Mistakes!

You’re getting married, ideas are flowing and you may think each idea you have is the best idea ever.  But wait… think through your ideas and what you’re planning so you don’t make these top wedding mistakes.  

Bad Dates- Carefully select your date. Getting married on a holiday weekend may seem like a brilliant idea but your guests may already have holiday plans, and flights are pricy. Do you and your guests a favor and don’t get married on a holiday weekend. Create a new holiday- your anniversary, not to be shared with any other annual holiday!

Confusing Invitations- Invitations should be so clearly written that there is no question as to who is invited. Specifically write out each name of the guest you’re inviting to avoid any confusion and awkward conversations later.  All of the details including dates, times and locations should also be clear. A wedding invitation with so many important details is not a time to use fancy font, abbreviations or confusing wording if you want guests to attend.  Guests should also be given 2 months to RSVP as it takes time to request time off work, line up child care and make travel arrangements.

Cocktail Hour- The time between the wedding ceremony and reception is also known as cocktail hour or cocktail reception. This time truly should be kept to one hour. Having a few hours in between the ceremony and reception could allow your guests to lose interest and leave.  During cocktail hour be sure to offer your guests drinks, food, something to do and comfy seats. Keep them excited to be at your wedding and not waiting long. 

Toast Etiquette- While many guest love to hear the toasts, the person giving the toast is often so nervous and just wants their part to be over. Those who should make a toast include your Best Man, Maid of Honor and Parents of the Bride (Parents of the Groom are optional). The person giving the toast should practice, stand with confidence and begin speaking once they have everyone’s attention.  Toasts should not be long, 1-2 minutes is perfect. Toasts longer than 2 minutes often leaves guests wondering when the toast will be over.

Ungracious Host- Yes, your plate is extremely full, you’re the center of attention and you’re being pulled in every different direction but you must make time to be a gracious host as well.   Your guests will be watching you, after all they came to your wedding to see you.  Be sure to take time to go to each table or individually thank each guests for coming and sharing in the festivities. 

While all the do’s and don’ts of planning your special day may seem overwhelming, relax and enjoy the planning process. All the planning will be over before you know it and you’ll soon be starting the next chapter of your amazing life together!

Contact us to find out how we can save you time and stress!  

Happy Planning!

Finding the Perfect Gown!

Now that you’re engaged you’re probably excited to start shopping for your gown. Before you rush off consider what your style is, where to go, who to take along, your budget and above all make sure you love your gown! 

Some brides find it helpful to collect wedding dress photos they like from magazines and take them along when shopping.  Having an idea of what you like will help the sales person, friends and family to understand your style.  When thinking about the dress silhouette be sure to keep an open mind until you try a few on. While you may think you only like the Fit and Flare style, at least try on an A Line, Ballroom and Empire. Different dress silhouettes are designed to flatter different body types as well as match the wedding formality. You may find you like a style you had not considered before and remember, dresses look totally different on the hanger so be sure to put it on.  

Bridal salons often prefer you have an appointment before planning to spend your afternoon trying on their sample gowns so plan to call ahead.  In addition to scheduling an appointment ask if they carry the designer you like or if they have the exact dress that you’ve been eyeing. You may find a small independently owned salon has the most unique gowns so never discount giving them a fair shot at your business. 

Who you take with you to the bridal salon has a huge impact on your shopping experience. While you want honest feedback you don’t want negativity. Keep in mind, your help should be helping select a gown based on what YOU like, not what they would pick for their gown. To keep your energy high be selective in who you take along. A small group, usually 2-4 people is the perfect size. A group larger than 4 could backfire leaving you feeling confused and defeated. This is your shopping experience and it should be all about you. 

If you’re a fan of the show “Say Yes to the Dress” you may recall hearing “never try on a dress you can’t afford". Before you hit up the salon have a clear and thought out budget. Know what your maximum amount to spend is and resist looking at anything over budget.  With all the excitement of finding the perfect gown brides don’t usually think about the extra costs that they will incur.  Almost all gowns will need some type of alteration and these can add up quickly. You may also be purchasing a veil, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes and undergarments to complete your look all of which should be included in your budget. 

Shopping for your perfect wedding gown is a memorable experience. You will know when you’ve found your gown by the feeling that may overcome you or the tears in your eyes that some brides are familiar with. Be sure to enjoy the experience and totally love the dress you decide on. You will look stunning!

If you are looking for a custom wedding gown please contact Mrs. Tinklers Evening wear at           or please contact me and I will put you in touch!  

We are also familar with many bridal stores in the valley and would love you find that perfect gown!

Happy Planning!

Please welcome our newest Intern!

We are excited to welcome Lindsay Moore to the Nicole Arend Weddings & Events team. Lindsay will be assistiing us with weddings this fall!

Read a little about Lindsay:

Three months ago I planned the greatest event of my life that changed my name forever to Lindsay Moore.   I had dreamed of my special day ever since I was a little girl growing up in a small town in Indiana.  My mother worked in a bridal store which I would visit often and I would twirl around in the mirror dreaming of the day I would be the Bride. From being my mom’s little helper planning weddings and various events, to contributing my own ideas as I became older, I discovered my passion for weddings and events.  

This past April my dream became a reality as I said “I do” to my wonderful husband and planned my own special day.  It didn’t take long before I fell in love with a gorgeous Tuscan venue in Gilbert, Arizona- I knew it would be the perfect place to get married.   The architecture, flower gardens, enclosed courtyard and absolutely stunning ballroom all had me saying yes and signing a contract with no regrets.   

My favorite part of planning my wedding was bringing my vision to life and seeing the work I had done in action. As I planned each piece of my wedding, I constantly strived to create a “WOW” feel, one that left my guest totally impressed.  The most difficult part of my wedding was physically not being able to set things up and relying on others to carry out my vision. I knew the importance of having someone there that understood my vision and would make sure all was set up as I had planned.  For this I turned to my brothers girlfriend who knew how important all the little details were to me as well as the day of coordinator at Villa Siena who was there to help move things along. 

Although I would love to plan a wedding every year and remarry my husband, he says it’s too expensive. So now that I have some spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking, shopping, and cooking.  I also enjoy having a positive influence on others as I devote my time to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Most recently I’m super excited for my internship with Nicole Arend Weddings and Events. I’m eager to work with future Brides and help carry out the vision of each Brides dream wedding. 

Decide Whom to Invite

If you are like most couples and are paying for your wedding yourself the guest list becomes very challenging. You want to invite all of your family, friends and co workers but can you afford it?  Here is a great tool to get you started on who to invite and who to add to the maybe list! 


Contact me for a free consultation! 

Happy Planning! 

House of Diamonds Bridal Show

On March 14, 2013 I was honored to host a beautiful bridal show at House of Diamonds jewelry store in Phoenix.  House of Diamonds opened in October of 2012 and once I saw their store I knew it would be a perfect fit for a bridal show! They have wonderful outdoor patio for guests to mingle with talented vendors. 

Thank you to Brent at House of Diamonds for giving away a diamond pendent necklace!    The lucky winner was Chrissie of C.Lacey Design!  

The big box bridal shows are always very difficult for the couple to attend. They don’t get one on one time with the vendors and they are dealing with hundreds of other brides . We created a bridal show where it is the best of the best wedding vendors in Phoenix! We had everything from a caterer to groomsman gifts! 

Thank you to all of the vendors that attended:

Classic Party Rentals

Straight to the Plate Catering

Sue Jacobs Cakes

Curtis Whipple (DJ, MC, Piano Player) 

Memories Through Time Photography 

A2Z Photo Booth/ Jill Lauren Photography

My Wedding MasterPiece

C.Lacey Design

Dana Railey Makeup Artist

Byrd Watches

Sweet I Do’s 

Cocktail Couture

Floral Design by Nikki Robbins of Nicole Arend Weddings & Events


We hope all that attended had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy a night out with their fiancé!

Please conctact me for a free consultation!  Ask us about our floral design packages!

Happy Planning! 

The Average Cost of a Wedding

As a wedding planner, I receive a number of calls asking how much the newly engaged couple should expect to pay for the cost of their wedding in the current market. The number may surprise you. Brides and Grooms paid more last year than they have since the beginning of the economic downturn. 

According to, In 2008, couples reportedly spent 29,334 on their big day. From DJs to flowers, they had spent less over the years, as the economy as a whole struggled. However, along with other signs of the economy uprise, in 2012, newlyweds spent $28,427 on average. Couples are in a better place and are able to splurge a little more on the things that are important to them.
Saying 'I do' is getting pricier
The average amount U.S. couples spent last year, broken down by category.
Category2012 Average spent2011 Average spent
Overall wedding (excluding honeymoon) $28,427 $27,021
Venue (reception hall) $12,905 $12,116
Photographer $2,379 $2,299
Wedding/event planner $1,847 $1,753
Reception band $3,084 $3,122
Reception DJ $988 $929
Florist/décor $1,997 $1,894
Videographer $1,619 $1,486
Wedding dress $1,211 $1,121
Groom's tuxedo $230 $215
Wedding cake $560 $535
Ceremony site $1,711 $1,599
Ceremony musicians $554 $536
Invitations $453 $440
Limousine $708 $669
Favors $289 $285
Rehearsal dinner $1,135 $1,078
Engagement ring $5,431 $5,130
Catering (price per person) $63 $61
Source: TheKnot; Figures based on survey respondents who hired a professional vendor for the service. 
Although the price of the modern day wedding may seem high, one way that many couples find they save money is by hiring a wedding coordinator. Doing so allows the couples to get the lowest negotiated price and leaves the hassle to the planner to get the best deals on the vendors you both have your hearts set on!  
Happy Planning!

Day of Wedding Coordinator

If you're getting married ask yourself these questions. If the answer to  ANY of them is YOU, the Groom, your family, or your bridal party then you needa Day-Of Coordinator! You work very hard for months, to plan this day. Not to mention the money you spend to make sure it is perfect. Allow me to help you enjoy your special day. 


  • WHO will create the timeline for the day/night?
  • WHO will greet every vendor? This is at the same time you will be getting ready and most likely be doing pre-ceremony photos?
  • WHO tells the vendors where to place their delivery?
  • WHO will monitor the vendors to make sure everything is set up correctly?
  • WHO will make sure the cake cutting set and toasting flutes are set up correctly?
  • WHO will hand out the bouquets, pin the boutonnieres and/or corsages?
  • WHO will make sure the bridal party is ready and where they need to be for pre-ceremony photos?
  • WHO will make sure the ceremony is set up? The Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Programs, Tissues, Bubbles, maps to the reception, etc.
  • WHO will make sure the reception tables are setup? This includes place cards, favors, menu cards, disposable cameras).
  • WHO will set out the Guest Book, the Signature Frame, the Wishing Tree, etc.?
  • WHO will give the programs to the ushers, make sure the ushers are in place at the time the need to be, and help them if they have questions about seating?
  • WHO will make sure the groom and his party are accounted for and dressed?
  • WHO will make sure the parents know where they should be and what they should be doing before, during and after the ceremony?
  • WHO will monitor the flow of people to make sure you and your fiancé don’t see each other before you’re ready?
  • WHO will tell you the status of your guest’s arrival and let you know when everyone is ready to line up?
  • WHO will make sure everyone lines up as they should if they forget from the rehearsal?
  • WHO will cue the musician?
  • WHO will guide your bridal party as to where they should go after the recessional to sign the marriage licenses and prepare for formal photos?
  • WHO will hold the marriage license before the signing and after?
  • WHO will make sure your guests are moved to the cocktail hour or reception?
  • WHO will make sure your bridal party is lined up for the Grand Entrance?
  • WHO will the caterer or site manager check with to make sure you are still on schedule for dinner, toasts and cake cutting?
  • WHO will make sure that you and your new groom always have a drink in hand?
  • WHO will make sure your photographer eats at the same time you do so they can take photos when you are done eating and not stuck eating for two minutes before going back to work for another 4 hours?
  • WHO will make sure you stay on track for your time line and make decisions on your behalf if something goes off track?
  • WHO will deal with issues that arise with the caterer, DJ or Bar Service?
  • WHO will distribute sparklers, bubbles, rice bags, or rose petals for your Grand Exit?
  • WHO will make sure your personal items get boxed up safely and given to someone you assigned?
  • WHO will take home items that are left behind for you to pick up in the next couple days?


If you don't have the answer to any of these questions, please contact me.