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10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 6: Choosing your Guests

Just like in ‘mistake 3’, friends will come and go, in some cases more people will weed themselves out of your life as the wedding gets closer. If you choose your guest list the day you get engaged, things can change very fast. Make a list at the beginning of your engagement of people that you and your groom want at your wedding, and three months before your wedding re-evaluate your list each month until the month before your wedding. 

Mistake 7: Spilling the Beans

Usually, as soon as you get engaged, you want to shout it to the world, and of course post it on every social networking site you have access to. However, sometimes this isn’t the best idea. Allowing people to know all the details of your wedding allows them to not only take ideas from your wedding, but also they won’t be as surprised or interested when it comes time for your actual wedding!

Mistake 8: Hair and Make Up

Whether you’re going simple or “gala event” with your make-up and hair for your wedding, we have seen these both take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the makeup and hair artist. Make sure that you allot the most time possible for makeup and hair so that everything will be ready to go and have time for touch-ups before pictures!

Mistake 9: Slow Down

With every wedding, we also see the guests standing at the cocktail hour, bored, or trying to talk with the bridal party and newlyweds. You have to make sure that you allow enough time blocked off for pictures so that you get every detail shot that you want and your guests aren’t kept waiting in cocktail hour forever.  

Mistake 10: Music

We know that a wedding can run your bank account very thin. So instead of cutting corners and having an awkward silence, plugging your iPhone into some small speakers, or hiring a half off DJ that won’t have interaction with your guests, you should hire a professional DJ. 

Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money and most of all enjoy planning this huge event!  

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10 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid!

Mistake 1: Budget

If you have a certain amount of money saved for your big day outfit, this does not mean that you can spend exactly that amount on your dress. Always take into consideration that your look is not just the dress. You also have to pay for shipping, if you’re not buying it straight from a retailer, alterations, undergarments (very important), shoes, hair, any accessories you may need, make up, and depending on the theme of your wedding the list could go on! Make a list of all of the things your particular look may require, and divide your budget around these. 

Mistake 2: Flowers

We are all sure that your Pinterest board may have some really beautiful centerpieces and ideas for bouquets and floral arrangements. You might have a pin of sunflowers, but your wedding is booked for December. This may cause a problem. It is always helpful to speak with your florist (the expert) on what is in season during the date of your wedding and make sure to include a second favorite type of flower into your contract. It is always best to pick your flowers based on colors and shapes that will flow with your wedding.

Mistake 3: Save the Dates

As time moves on and we grow older, sometimes people we were once close with, fade into the darkness.  This is the reason for mistake number 3, don’t send out your save the dates too soon! People you may be friends with at the time of engagement, could possibly fade away as the actual wedding grows closer. Save those save the dates for people that are a sure thing, people like your families.

Mistake 4: Videographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the videos are just reliving the actual words all over again! A picture can’t capture the groom’s face when every body’s eyes are fixed on the bride as she is walking down the aisle, the tears a grandmother sheds as she’s watching the first dance or, the best man’s speech after he drank just a little too much.

Allowing others to take videos of your special day gives you the opportunity to share their experience at your wedding as well. There are many new apps for all smart phones that you just download the app and upload your guests own special videos of your big day.

Mistake 5: Micromanaging 

You are spending your hard earned money and precious time on your vendors, with the assumption that they are the expert, so let them do what they do best! Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life, so it’s understandable that you would want to oversee every detail to make sure everything runs smoothly, but don’t do that! Trust that you chose your vendors for a reason, they are professionals at making your vision come alive, and they don’t work in the wedding industry because it’s “just a job”, they do this because they love and care just as much as you. 

Check back on Monday for 5 more mistakes! 

Happy Planning!

Easy Avoidable Wedding Mistakes!

You’re getting married, ideas are flowing and you may think each idea you have is the best idea ever.  But wait… think through your ideas and what you’re planning so you don’t make these top wedding mistakes.  

Bad Dates- Carefully select your date. Getting married on a holiday weekend may seem like a brilliant idea but your guests may already have holiday plans, and flights are pricy. Do you and your guests a favor and don’t get married on a holiday weekend. Create a new holiday- your anniversary, not to be shared with any other annual holiday!

Confusing Invitations- Invitations should be so clearly written that there is no question as to who is invited. Specifically write out each name of the guest you’re inviting to avoid any confusion and awkward conversations later.  All of the details including dates, times and locations should also be clear. A wedding invitation with so many important details is not a time to use fancy font, abbreviations or confusing wording if you want guests to attend.  Guests should also be given 2 months to RSVP as it takes time to request time off work, line up child care and make travel arrangements.

Cocktail Hour- The time between the wedding ceremony and reception is also known as cocktail hour or cocktail reception. This time truly should be kept to one hour. Having a few hours in between the ceremony and reception could allow your guests to lose interest and leave.  During cocktail hour be sure to offer your guests drinks, food, something to do and comfy seats. Keep them excited to be at your wedding and not waiting long. 

Toast Etiquette- While many guest love to hear the toasts, the person giving the toast is often so nervous and just wants their part to be over. Those who should make a toast include your Best Man, Maid of Honor and Parents of the Bride (Parents of the Groom are optional). The person giving the toast should practice, stand with confidence and begin speaking once they have everyone’s attention.  Toasts should not be long, 1-2 minutes is perfect. Toasts longer than 2 minutes often leaves guests wondering when the toast will be over.

Ungracious Host- Yes, your plate is extremely full, you’re the center of attention and you’re being pulled in every different direction but you must make time to be a gracious host as well.   Your guests will be watching you, after all they came to your wedding to see you.  Be sure to take time to go to each table or individually thank each guests for coming and sharing in the festivities. 

While all the do’s and don’ts of planning your special day may seem overwhelming, relax and enjoy the planning process. All the planning will be over before you know it and you’ll soon be starting the next chapter of your amazing life together!

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Wrigley Mansion Bridal Show

We were asked to be apart of the 1st Wrigley Mansion Bridal Show this past weekend! This was not like any bridal show you have been to before!  First off, if you have never been to the Wrigley Mansion at the Biltmore then you need to go take a tour of Phoenix History. From the original floors and lighting to the breathtaking views of downtown Phoenix. The Wrigley Mansion is a must see when either visiting Phoenix or even if you are Phoenix native. 

The bridal show took over the entire home, from the living room right down to the restructured garage. I was lucky and was set up in one of the bedrooms which is now used for smaller dinner parties and the grooms room. 

The theme for the bridal show was 1920’s. This was perfect for me since while in college I studied the fashion of the 20’s at FIDM and have been in love with that era ever since. I visited the room once and quickly had a vision for what needed to be in the room. I knew that I couldn’t recreate today’s modern Great Gatsby with lots of bling and sparkle but it needed lots of gold and pearls!   The newest trend I have been seeing is doing a small pop of color and soft pink flowers are always a great compliment to any table arrangement. 

This was an awesome opportunity and I look forward to bringing your vision to life next! 

I would like to give a huge thank you to:

Classic Party Rentals, C Lacey Design, Lux Wedding Florist And Harley Bonham for the beautiful pictures. 

Please contact me to help with the design of your next event!  

Happy Planning!! 

Please welcome our newest Intern!

We are excited to welcome Lindsay Moore to the Nicole Arend Weddings & Events team. Lindsay will be assistiing us with weddings this fall!

Read a little about Lindsay:

Three months ago I planned the greatest event of my life that changed my name forever to Lindsay Moore.   I had dreamed of my special day ever since I was a little girl growing up in a small town in Indiana.  My mother worked in a bridal store which I would visit often and I would twirl around in the mirror dreaming of the day I would be the Bride. From being my mom’s little helper planning weddings and various events, to contributing my own ideas as I became older, I discovered my passion for weddings and events.  

This past April my dream became a reality as I said “I do” to my wonderful husband and planned my own special day.  It didn’t take long before I fell in love with a gorgeous Tuscan venue in Gilbert, Arizona- I knew it would be the perfect place to get married.   The architecture, flower gardens, enclosed courtyard and absolutely stunning ballroom all had me saying yes and signing a contract with no regrets.   

My favorite part of planning my wedding was bringing my vision to life and seeing the work I had done in action. As I planned each piece of my wedding, I constantly strived to create a “WOW” feel, one that left my guest totally impressed.  The most difficult part of my wedding was physically not being able to set things up and relying on others to carry out my vision. I knew the importance of having someone there that understood my vision and would make sure all was set up as I had planned.  For this I turned to my brothers girlfriend who knew how important all the little details were to me as well as the day of coordinator at Villa Siena who was there to help move things along. 

Although I would love to plan a wedding every year and remarry my husband, he says it’s too expensive. So now that I have some spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking, shopping, and cooking.  I also enjoy having a positive influence on others as I devote my time to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Most recently I’m super excited for my internship with Nicole Arend Weddings and Events. I’m eager to work with future Brides and help carry out the vision of each Brides dream wedding. 

Springs Preserve- Las Vegas, NV

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV is a beautiful location to have your non typical Vegas wedding.  The Springs Preserve has over 8 acres of gardens, wildlife habitats and education resources.  

At the Springs Preserve you options for an inside or outside ceremony and reception, when choosing the outdoor options since the preserve has many gardens you will be able to enjoy how green everything is. This is perfect venue for the couple who are committed to keeping their wedding day environmental friendly. 

On site catering is provided by Culinary Arts Catering and trust me their food is nothing like you have ever had at a wedding. The culinary team can and will customize a menu to fit in your tastes as well as your budget. For example, at the wedding I had the pleasure to plan the couple wanted BBQ style food which I typically think is perfect because cooking large amounts of it usually tastes better (I am sort of a foodie). The chef prepared Kentucky House Fried Chicken and this was the best Fried Chicken I have ever had! I even went back for seconds which I normally would never do due to time or wedding food not always being that great. 

The entire staff at the Springs Preserve was extremely helpful from Day 1 down to the last hour of the evening. 

I loved that they provided Chavari chairs for the reception and they had plenty of linen options.

I had the pleasure of locating a great floral designer in Las Vegas who had reasonably priced flowers but was extremely easy to work with. At last minute the bride wanted to add another table so Rosy of Rosy Flowers Design went back to her shop and put together another centerpiece just in time for the reception!  

Please check out the gallery Koryn and Chris to see more pictures of this beautiful wedding! 


Vendors included:

Nicole Arend Weddings & Events

Springs Preserve

Rosy Flowers Event

Chelsey Ann Photography

Las Vegas DJ's

Pastry Palace

The Average Cost of a Wedding

As a wedding planner, I receive a number of calls asking how much the newly engaged couple should expect to pay for the cost of their wedding in the current market. The number may surprise you. Brides and Grooms paid more last year than they have since the beginning of the economic downturn. 

According to, In 2008, couples reportedly spent 29,334 on their big day. From DJs to flowers, they had spent less over the years, as the economy as a whole struggled. However, along with other signs of the economy uprise, in 2012, newlyweds spent $28,427 on average. Couples are in a better place and are able to splurge a little more on the things that are important to them.
Saying 'I do' is getting pricier
The average amount U.S. couples spent last year, broken down by category.
Category2012 Average spent2011 Average spent
Overall wedding (excluding honeymoon) $28,427 $27,021
Venue (reception hall) $12,905 $12,116
Photographer $2,379 $2,299
Wedding/event planner $1,847 $1,753
Reception band $3,084 $3,122
Reception DJ $988 $929
Florist/décor $1,997 $1,894
Videographer $1,619 $1,486
Wedding dress $1,211 $1,121
Groom's tuxedo $230 $215
Wedding cake $560 $535
Ceremony site $1,711 $1,599
Ceremony musicians $554 $536
Invitations $453 $440
Limousine $708 $669
Favors $289 $285
Rehearsal dinner $1,135 $1,078
Engagement ring $5,431 $5,130
Catering (price per person) $63 $61
Source: TheKnot; Figures based on survey respondents who hired a professional vendor for the service. 
Although the price of the modern day wedding may seem high, one way that many couples find they save money is by hiring a wedding coordinator. Doing so allows the couples to get the lowest negotiated price and leaves the hassle to the planner to get the best deals on the vendors you both have your hearts set on!  
Happy Planning!

Wedding Planner vs On Site Coordinator- Why You Need Both

I have talked with many brides who are stressed out when they find out their on site coordinator either quit or was let go from the venue and the bride is now in panic! Unfortunately, this happens more and more often during the summer months due to the slow season in Phoenix.  Most venues will bring on a new coordinator to get them trained for wedding season in October. 

On Site Coordinator:

The on site coordinator is there to manager the larger details of your wedding such as the venue itself, the food being served and sometimes will be there to facilitate your rehearsal. The on site coordinator is there to represent the property and is not always giving full attention to the bride and groom.  

Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner will be there every step of the way, making sure the bride and groom and wedding party are dressed and where they need to be on time. The wedding planner will make sure you are getting everything you paid for.  Wedding planners are there to make your day go as smooth and possible and to make sure every detail that you asked and paid for is there.

Venue coordinators are great at what they do and they know best about the venue since  that is their main priority. But Wedding Planners are loyal to you, the Bride!  We are their for you every step of the way. From vendor selection to invitation design to the other thousands of little details you might have forgot because your on site coordinator was not hired to be your wedding planner. 

See, both an on site coordinator and wedding planner are very important. A successful wedding relies on wedding professionals that work together to fulfill the wishes of the client and create a stress free environment for everyone.


I would love set up a free consultation with you to discuss your option. 
Happy Planning!