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10 Wedding Planning Tips!

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. With so much research to be done before spending can even begin, and that constant reminder in your head that time is diminishing each day, don’t delay in asking for help.  Read the following tips and helpful hints wedding planners are using today. 

Venue Selection- When selecting your venue consider your personality and interests. A city girl may not want a rustic venue but a country girl may not be able to think of anywhere better than her parent’s farm to get married.  Think outside the box, could a museum, park or library be the perfect venue for you?  Out of the ordinary locations can be exciting, just remember to be practical- is there access to power and what if it rains? 

 Gown Perfection- If you have an eye for fashion and can’t wait to turn heads in a one of a kind gown, splurge and design your very own.  You’ve probably been dreaming of your wedding gown for years now so have fun with designing the perfect gown just for you.  We have some good connections with different designers or bridal stores! 

Calling All Friends- You may find your friends are asking what they can do to help. Without taking advantage of your friends of course… put them to work!   Pull out your to do list, invite the girls over and start checking things off.  You may find one friend has beautiful handwriting for the chalk board signs or another friend is amazing at centerpieces and someone else could even be a master at working the printer which you’ve been struggling with for weeks now. 

Hire a Coordinator- The Bride is too busy on her wedding day to be directing vendors, ensuring decorations are perfectly placed and greeting guests as they arrive. Eliminate hiring family and friends to help on the day of, don’t you want them their for you and to enjoy all of your hard work? Hiring a coordinator is well worth the price for the experience they bring and the responsibly they remove from the family. 

The First Look- The first look is definitely a special moment to capture.  Some brides decide to do a first look so they can enjoy 20-30 minutes with just each other.  Other reasons to do a first look range from getting to see the groom earlier in the day, getting family and bridal party photos out of the way and even being able to mingling with guests during cocktail hour. 

Involve Your Guests- Think of creative ways to give your guests the feel of being involved.  Possibly place a “tip jar” on a table where guests can write a tip for a happy marriage and place it in the jar. After the wedding you can read the tips and add them to a wedding scrapbook or even frame a few of your favorites. Let your guests know what you plan to do with their tips and you’ll receive some great ones.   

Kiss and Kiss Again- It’s your day so why not kiss often! Not only will your kissing show your affection and happiness for one another but it will also give your photographer a chance to get some great shots. 

Toast Your Guests- Without making your toast sound too much like a speech at the Emmy’s, thank your guests for traveling from near and far and for their help with the details.  Attending a wedding is an expense to your guests as well so be sure to show your heartfelt appreciation while you have everyone together. 

Special Entertainment- Kick the reception up a notch by having a special guest make an appearance or if the groom plays the drums have him sit in with the band for a few songs.  Why not show off your husband’s talent while entertaining your guests!

Late Night Food- While the older crowd may be gone after the cake cutting, the younger crowd will love you for a late night snack.  Keep the party going by offering comfort food such as nachos, sliders, pizza or cheese fries. Your guests will think this was the best idea ever. 

Please contact us to find out how we can help you plan your wedding or event!  

Happy Planning!

Wedding Insurance

We all have insurance in some fashion either for your car, home, apartment and possibly even your engagement ring.   But many do not purchase insurance for their wedding either because they are unaware its available or think they do not need it. 

You have always dreamed about your perfect wedding but during the year planning things can go wrong that are out of your control.  What if the venue goes out of business and you lose your deposit or worse all of your money. What if your bridal shop closes, leaving you without a gown?

The average cost of a wedding is now at $26,000, wedding insurance is needed more than ever. After all you wouldn’t buy a new car that costs that much without insuring it. 

Wedding insurance can cover a variety of situations:

Wedding gown       Lost deposits

Lost rings     Bad Weather (hurricane) 

Transportation Shutdown   Ruined Photos

Call to Duty         Damaged Gifts

Sudden illness      Venue Requires Insurance

Liquor Liability     Additional Expenses

I would be happy to set up an appointment for you to discuss wedding insurance with a US Private Insurance representative. 

Happy Planning! 

Do you regret not hiring a wedding planner?

Were you the bride that said “I can’t afford a Wedding Planner” or “I can do it myself”? I recently had the opportunity to speak with a bride that wishes she would have hired a wedding planner. 

In Kim’s own words: 

I didn’t think I needed a wedding planner because, I thought like any other bride, oh I can do all this by myself.  Set up tables, chairs and decorate the reception. Well I was really wrong I was stressed out and running around like a crazy person. I wish I would have at least considered a wedding planner.  I didn’t know that you could hire a one day coordinator that could come in a put everything together for you. If I would have known that then I would have hired a wedding planner in a heartbeat. It would have been nice to have someone come in and make everything perfect on my big day and not having to worry about a thing, also trying not to forget anything as well. Because you have so much on your plate already. If I could do my wedding over then yes I would have hired a wedding planner no question asked. I tell all my friends who are getting married that they should at least consider talking to a wedding planner. It would make everything less stressful  for me. -- Kim, R 

I understand that many brides want to plan their wedding on their own or say they cannot afford a wedding planner. Are you aware that many vendors offer wedding planners discounts?  Most of the time with my discounts I can save a bride and groom over $3000! Now why wouldn’t you even consider talking with a wedding planner! 

I offer different packages and can also customize my services to fit what you are looking for. I would love to set up a consultation to go over what I can offer and how to make your wedding day go smoothly! 

Happy Planning!

Wedding Planner vs On Site Coordinator- Why You Need Both

I have talked with many brides who are stressed out when they find out their on site coordinator either quit or was let go from the venue and the bride is now in panic! Unfortunately, this happens more and more often during the summer months due to the slow season in Phoenix.  Most venues will bring on a new coordinator to get them trained for wedding season in October. 

On Site Coordinator:

The on site coordinator is there to manager the larger details of your wedding such as the venue itself, the food being served and sometimes will be there to facilitate your rehearsal. The on site coordinator is there to represent the property and is not always giving full attention to the bride and groom.  

Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner will be there every step of the way, making sure the bride and groom and wedding party are dressed and where they need to be on time. The wedding planner will make sure you are getting everything you paid for.  Wedding planners are there to make your day go as smooth and possible and to make sure every detail that you asked and paid for is there.

Venue coordinators are great at what they do and they know best about the venue since  that is their main priority. But Wedding Planners are loyal to you, the Bride!  We are their for you every step of the way. From vendor selection to invitation design to the other thousands of little details you might have forgot because your on site coordinator was not hired to be your wedding planner. 

See, both an on site coordinator and wedding planner are very important. A successful wedding relies on wedding professionals that work together to fulfill the wishes of the client and create a stress free environment for everyone.


I would love set up a free consultation with you to discuss your option. 
Happy Planning!